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capricorns Capricorn and Pisces Relationshipspisces



With both astrological signs possessing a warmhearted, compassionate and passionate nature; The compatibility for Pisces and Capricorn is high. Having a "real" story book relationship is of great importance for the best love match. Although the Pisces is very open about their emotional feelings and the Capricorn is more reserved and less likely to say "I love you", this difference actually brings the pair closer together as they both admire the others actions.

With the Pisces taking the lead on the romantic side of the relationship and the Capricorn taking the lead on the intellectual end, it is this balance in the relationship that makes things work. However, it is this difference that can also lead to road blocks in the partnership when not fully meeting the others requirements after a period of time.

The whole hearted romance brought to the table by the Pisces brings freshness and spice into the sexual relationship. Both are excellent lovers and are more than willing to learn and explore new things with each other. With the sea goats down to earth and passionate characteristics, they bring confidence and security to the table. Pisces work well with this trait as they look for a sense of direction from outside sources.

Add all of the elements to the list and you can see that these two constellations make for a well balanced and long lasting relationship. In fact, they make for one of the highest compatible zodiac signs.








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