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capricorns Capricorn and Libra Relationshipslibra



With the social personality of the Libra clashing with the reserved ways of the Capricorn, compatibility for Libra and Capricorn does not make for the best of matches. With the Sea Goat always trying to tame the Libra and the Scales always trying to loosen up the Capricorn, you can see why this relationship may not work.

As well, the goat may feel resentment for the Libra as they tend to be better at things. This does not always sit well with the Capricorn personality as it may threaten their social status. However, if both zodiac signs are able to combine their skills a dynamic duo can be formed.

With both signs having a compatible trait that involves a pursuit for the truth. Lies can be a relationship killer for this couple. This can be cause for alarm since each has a tendency to hold things inside, and this can sometimes be misunderstood for lies or deceit - even if it isn't the case. The no tolerance personality trait is another reason why a lasting partnership may not be able to survive.







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