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capricorns Capricorn and Scorpio Relationships scorpio


Ambition and dedication to the task at hand is a shared trait that makes compatibility for Capricorn and Scorpio work so well. Playing off of each others drive to accomplish, these two zodiac signs share a desire to climb the ranks of their social networks. Content on working together as a team, it is no wonder that this combination has produced some hard working power couples.

Balancing jealousy and possessiveness with the Capricorn's realism and insecurities; than again with the Cappys confidence and the Scorpio's need for support. For example, the Scorpio displays their jealousy (the Capricorn likes this as it is proof of true feelings and makes them feel loved). In turn, the Capricorn calms down the Scorpio with realistic views, showing confidence and stability - (the Scorpio likes this as it provides much needed support and validation of their loyalty).

Being loyal and reliable are characteristics of the Capricorn that compliment the Scorpio's needs of belonging. This union is what grounds them and keeps them together. Trust has always been an issue for both zodiac signs. Both are known for their disciplined loyalty to their partner so, it makes perfect sense that this pair makes for a thriving relationship.








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