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capricorns Capricorn and Sagittarius Relationships sagittarius


Combining the risk taking traits of the Sagittarius and the careful thinking of the Capricorn, the compatibility for Capricorn and Sagittarius does not appear to be the greatest love match. However, with both zodiac signs being known achievers there is a chance for success if each can understand the needs of the other. This will take cooperation and compromise from both ends.

Having one individual being an optimist (Sagittarius) and the other a pessimist, you get two opposite personalities when it comes to how one should live their life. The Sagittarius is a "fun seeker" while the Cappy is a "work horse". You can see how the two zodiacs may not be a good combination because the Sagittarius would not like the pressure of being organized while the Capricorn would not like the easy flowing free spirit of the Sagittarius.

Trying to maintain a compatible Sagittarius Capricorn relationship with these two zodiac signs would be hard work but, not impossible. If a common ground can be found with a mutual understanding of the others characteristics, hope for a healthy relationship may not be lost.








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