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The relationship compatibility for Capricorn and Gemini makes for much better friends than lovers. Although captivated by the social grace of the Gemini, they may not be so content with the Capricorns practicality and predetermined structure. The relationship is that of a "you take the high road, and I'll take the low road" type scenario. Approaching the daily grinds of life in different fashions, the Gemini finds it difficult to adhere to the systematic and organized nature of the Capricorn.

Although there may be a "lust at first sight" between these two zodiac signs, the long term compatibility for doesn't look good. The Capricorn ultimately wants to settle down however, the Gemini does not like the feel of a "daily routine" and therefore will become frustrated.

If you asked a Gemini what they would like to do, the most common answer would be to "go out" and do something sociable. If you asked the same of the Capricorn, they would much rather stay inside or be in a small quiet atmosphere. However, it is this personality trait that attracts the Capricorn to them.

With the Capricorn having a down to earth / realistic attitude towards life, and the Gemini having more of a "head in the clouds / daydreamer" mentality... it is no wonder why this pair doesn't rank well for compatible zodiac relationships.







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