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If the saying "opposites attract" holds true, than the compatibility for Capricorn and Cancer would be perfect. However, it is rather far from perfect. With opposite personality traits and creative ideas, there are only two outcomes for Cancer and Capricorn relationships: They either complete each other or they clash.

"Two heads are better than one" is a well knows phrase. If two very different individuals can come together and pick up the others slack without "butting heads", than there is a fighting chance that the partnership will work. However, if each decide to hold true to their stubborn ways, you can be certain that the chemistry will be nonexistent, resulting in disagreements, arguments and ultimately separation.

It is funny how two very different approaches to life can either be a great combination or a total disaster. Just think about the movies when the good guy and bad guy have to "work together" to overcome their obstacle. When working together as a team they can pull off some almost impossible achievements. However, when ideals and outlooks collide... watch out for the explosion. The moral of the story is, in order to have compatible Cancer and Capricorn relationships, you must be able to work as a team and compliment each others strengths and weaknesses.






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