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Relationship compatibility for Capricorn and Aquarius just isn't in the cards for this pair of zodiac signs. With the Capricorn focused on the real things that matter close to home, the Aquarius seems to be focused on everything else but. Content with "blowing in the direction the wind takes them", the organized Capricorn does not see this as a practical trait. So, "who controls who" would seem to be the deciding factor for this duo.

Detachment and distance seems to be another cause of why this pair doesn't always work. This is due to the fact that each of the zodiac signs will be distracted with their tasks and may forget to make time for each other. If both individuals are aware of the others personalities, than it is possible that they can come together and compliment each other thus, finding compatible relationships.

The Capricorn likes to do things in a somewhat "routine manner" while the Aquarius has an overwhelming desire to do everything differently and in their own way and on their own time and when they feel like it (you get the point). Add the fact that the Capricorn enjoys more of a "solitary" environment while the Aquarius enjoys being surrounded by friends and strangers - you can see why there would be little room for success.





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