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aries Capricorn and Aries Relationships capricorns


The compatibility for Aries and Capricorn has a 50/50 chance for success. You have the Aries on one end who brings to the table a "leap before you look" personality - with a Capricorn on the other end that "looks both ways before they cross the street" type personality. One could argue that the two extremes could be cause for conflict, while you could also argue that the drastic difference could bring out the best in each other. If both parties were willing and able to compromise, a true romance could be found.

Although being caring and loving makes up a good part of the Capricorns heart, their lack of showing these traits on the outside can be an important factor in regards to being a good Capricorn love match. The lack of providing the Aries with enough affection can cause problems. Capricorns like a stable and almost routined daily life that involves work and accomplishing goals, while the Aries enjoys fun, excitement and variety. If the two individuals are unable to meet somewhere in the middle, then the relationship may not last. However, when common goals are presented... there can be great success for these two zodiac signs.




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