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traits Understanding Capricorn Traits


Practical yet hard headed, testing the water before they jump, using caution and common sense. These are the factors to consider when understanding Capricorn traits. They have no problem defending their actions if questioned. Mostly reserved and ever so dedicated, they hold a great respect for authority. This is why they make excellent executives and managers.

Being self disciplined is one of the more admirable Capricorn characteristics. Complimenting their conventional side, this ensures the work will be done on time. Although they may seem unmoved by compliments, they have a very well hidden need for attention and confirmation of their good doings. Ambition is another of their personality traits that pushes them to aim high and achieve. Filled with realistic dreams, once they set out on a task, you can rest assured that it will be completed.

Although they may seem daring and bold, they are actually very careful and thurough in their actions. Patience is one of those "mixed blessings" they posess. If they feel they are wasting their time, they will be easily turned off and have no problem walking away. On the other hand, this can prove very valuable when on a mission. This is because they do not easily give up. They feel that "once started, better finish" is the only way to go otherwise, why start in the first place?


capricorn sexual traits Capricorn Sexual Traits

If you want a life long and loyal companion, than the Capricorn is it. This is one of the more unique sexual traits of the Capricorn. Picky in their mate sellection, they want to get it right and not waste time. Upholding family values and tradition, they will stand by their partner and are very unlikely to commit adultry.

Romantics at heart, they doynt always display this sexual trait to the full extent. For them, just having one on one time is satisfactory. They dont feel the need to fuss over candles, flowers or fine china. Public displays of affection are not common, being more reserved and shy, they tend to keep things like that private.

In the bedroom, behind closed they make thorough lovers. Making sure everything is going smooth and everyone is happy, they "aim to please". They dont like to let people down or dissapoint, so this ensures that Capricorns will go the extra mile to ensure everyone is fully satisfied.


negative capricorn traits The Negative Traits of a Capricorn

With many of the positive Capricorn personalities out there, it wouldnt be fair if we did not explore the negative traits of the Capricorn as well. For staters, Anxiety is commen. With their cautious side always on alert, it is no wonder that they have a high amount of inner termoil. Always overthinking and trying to be one step ahead, they can sometimes be a worry wart. If they see something that could be improved on or fixed, rest assured the will not be able to stop thinking about the solution until something is done.

Another negative characteristic is their ability to hold a grudge. Not liking to be crossed, they will not easily let things go. Forget about the possibility of a second chance as well, they arent big on forgiving and forgeting. Also prone to depression, they can shut down easily if they are not put to good use or challanged. Ever so sensative on the inside yet, tough as nails on the outside. Known to hold in their emotions, they are somewhat shy and hard headed so this makes for a large defensive wall around them that is hard to penetrate.

Sometimes coming accross as pesimistic and/or difficult. This is because they can see how things may go wrong and likes to point them out so he can say "I told you so" when things take a bad turn. Being cautious and logical, they have the ability to see both the good and the negative in things. When the positive thinker must walk down a dark alleyway late at night, they think "nothing will happen" and can very well walk into a bad situation. When the true negative thinker see's the same dark alleyway they think "I am going to be robbed or murdered" turning back and taking the long way home. The Capricorn however, can turn their negative traits into a positive as when they are confronted with the same dark alleyway, their thinking is "better be ready for trouble incase there is something bad lurking, so lets proceed with caution".









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