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personalities of capricorn Capricorn Personality Traits


It's those wonderful Capricorn Personality Traits that make them real go getters and achievers. When a their personality shines, it is nothing but real - pure honesty. Not always coming through as outgoing and approachable, they are more of the "lay low, watch and learn" type of personality (until its time to display their skills in the most impressive of fashions). Saving the best for the last, the Capricorn is never short of surprises.

Determination and a very high success rate on completing goals is another characteristic that makes them who they are. Being goal oriented is second nature and the need to be "useful" and practical, makes them born managers or directors. As well, they make for excellent musicians and artists as they are skilled in the art of "practicing until they get it right" stemming from their perfectionist mentality.

With a mind that loves to soak in valuable, practical and useful information. They are equipped with excellent memory power and analytical skills that are based on common sense and realistic views. They will display an eager, ambitious "finish what you start" type attitude and expect others to get with the program.


psychology Understanding the Capricorns Personality

If you are having trouble understanding the Capricorns personality, you probably aren't looking deep enough. Sometimes being known as a "stickler" because they pay attention to things that most don't. They are excellent at observing and learning through their own mistakes, as well as the mistakes of others. Putting in their time and paying their dues gives them a sense of confidence and strong opinions.

Being logical, rational and clearheaded - combined with a flare for seeing both sides of the story. The Capricorn relationship is built on trust. They make excellent partners and will never stick a knife in your back. However, they expect the same in return from their counterparts and refuse to accept anything less. They are a "call it like it is" type individual. If they don't like it they will tell you - if they do like it, they will give a nod of approval and keep their feelings inside, while showing little emotion on the outside.

Basing things on facts, rather than speculation. It is easy to understand them if you can appreciate confidence and an eye for detail. They know what they want and usually know exactly how to get it. They have the drive to get the job done, regardless of the task. They are fond of exploration, finding and uncovering new things. A treasure hunter at heart, they leave no stone unturned.


attitude The True Personality of a Capricorn

Throughout history, the true personality of a Capricorn has been mostly misunderstood by the masses. They don't enjoy the company of slackers or unrealistic dreamers. They "know the value of a dollar" and how to "roll up their sleeves" and get things done. They have earned their position and don't care much for free rides. Lend them money and you will be paid back promptly. Deceive them or lie to them, and expect a very cold shoulder that will take time to warm up again.

Determined to win and be on top, they find it difficult to hide their emotions when things don't go their way. On the other side, they make excellent team players and team leaders which is based on their drive to succeed and share the wealth. They are sincere and helpful, seeking loyal friends and stability.

When taking a close look, it is safe to say that their Capricorn traits make them a prepared bunch. Always thinking ahead, always on the hunt for new and useful information. You can say they are always trying to get one leg up. Their motto is "by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail". Show them that you are respectful, reliable and have good intension's, and you will see a warm and genuinely caring person that will shelter you from the rain and give you nothing but honest loyalty.







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