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characteristics capricorn males Male Capricorn Characteristics



The Capricorn males characteristics combine a tough exterior with a (somewhat hidden) kind, caring and gentle heart that you dare not play with. Ever hear of Denzel Washington? or Jude Law?. Maybe you have heard of David Bowie or Elvis Presley?  what about Rod Stewart? or Jim Carey? - Sure you have. But, do you know what they all have in common? ... Answer: They are all Capricorn Males. There is a saying "stand behind and support the dreams and goals of a Capricorn male... and you will soon find yourself standing alongside  a man who achieved those dreams and much more".

Because of their prominent masculine Capricorn traits, it is a difficult task to get close to a him. They have a big wall built up around them which takes time to tear down. Built with determination and a perfectionists mentality, the shy composed side makes him one dangerous competitor. With a realistic attitude on life, strong emotional control and polished manners, Capricorn men are perfect to take home to Mom. Just like female Capricorns will be Moms best friend.


capricorn males behavior Understanding a Capricorn Males Behavior

When it comes to understanding a Capricorn males behavior the saying "Capricorns are often misunderstood" rings to mind. Built with the best of intension's and a fairness to all attitude, his behavior may be too realistic for some to handle. He may seem disciplined and demanding of respect however, you are guaranteed the same in return if you stand by his side. Don't cross Capricorn men though, they are not big on second chances - when something is over, it's over.

The capricorns personality is based on a kind and gentle heart with a "once started, better finish - do it right the first time" attitude. It is a Wild Mix to say the least. Although they have patience, they rarely have time for silly games unless they decide it is time to play. You see, they know what they want and can't easily be persuaded into things. Some call them "sticklers" or "opinionated". However, the Capricorn man prefers to see themselves as "striving for the best" and "not settling for mediocrity".

The tough on the outside and soft on the inside capricorn characteristics are the main thing to consider when it comes to understanding his behaviors. Think "big teddy bear".


male capricorn Interpreting Capricorn Men

Compared to other astrological zodiac signs, interpreting Capricorn men can be a little more difficult. However, if you take the time to understand them you can be assured the best has yet to come and there is always a pleasant surprise waiting around the bend. Getting to know him may take time but, will be well worth it.

At times his view may be jaded or on the negative side. Don't worry though, this is just the Capricorns "realistic" view on life. Always taking the Sour with the Sweet. Usually liking the outdoors and nature, he feels drained without the sunlight and fresh air.

Rather than being loud and outgoing, you will usually find him watching and listening. This nature of observing makes him sharp and cunning. He will test the waters, rather than dive in head first. Learning from their own mistakes as well as the mistakes of others, they learn quickly and are not easily tricked. Considered as "part of the elite - lets get it done" class of men, getting to know him requires patience, understanding and most of all respect.

Living by the "school of hard knocks", you best roll up your sleeves and get ready for some honesty if you plan on getting to know a Capricorn man.








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