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capricorn characteristics Understanding the Capricorns Characteristics



You have to look deep when it comes to understanding the Capricorns Characteristics. They may look cold, unimpressed or down right mad however, its just another case where things aren't always as they seem. First of all, they are usually occupied thinking about the next phase in one of their latest projects. Second, they keep their emotions deep inside - trying to hold it all in, while all they want to do is scream. And last but not least, the Capricorn would not dare be caught in a vulnerable situation.

You can say that being a "perfectionist" is one of the main Capricorn traits and they may develop some obsessive behaviors due to this. However, it is the drive and need for accomplishment behind their work ethic that ensures their goals have been achieved.

You will find many Cappys are pulled towards athletics and physical activities. With their drive to finish first and show people how its done, you will find many first place ribbons held by Capricorns. You wont see many overweight ones though as they are not ones to overindulge or get carried away. They know their limits and understand that there is always a price to pay for excessive behavior.


The Capricorns Characteristics are that of a traditional and polished nature. Making them excellent with money and being able to keep a balanced budget and invest wisely. They are drawn towards the finer yet, down to earth things in life and have an eye for items that will increase in value.

Being intellectual and logical is one of the typical traits of a Capricorns personality. Not one for small talk, they want to get to the good stuff and to the pont, sometimes making them seem pushy or direct. They cant help it, although blessed with extraordinary patience, they don't like taking the long route. If there is a short cut, they will find it because paying attention to detail and problem solving is part of their character.

Being rational thinkers ensures things don't go to waste. Always looking for good deals and practical possessions, always keeping one eye open for hidden treasures. As well, practicality and efficiency has allot to do with their overall demeanor.


physical characteristics Physical Characteristics of Capricorns

The Capricorns physical characteristics include a serious looking individual with penetrating eyes that can see beyond truth and lies. This trait can make some people uncomfortable to say the least. Seldom smiling on the outside, they are usually laughing on the inside. By looking into their deep and sharp eyes, you will see a focused individual with a soft heart. However, anxiety and the need for security can be the cause of being prone to intestinal problems and lower body pain.

Having an athletic upper body with a slender lower body is another common physical trait. Strength seems to be a physical characteristic of male Capricorns where the female Capricorns seem to carry the weaker trait. Deep set eyes and larger - higher foreheads are also common with Capricorns. It is said that wide or large foreheads is a sign of logical and intellectual thinking. Making excellent leaders, you may start to notice that many of the great Capricorn born leaders and authority figures throughout history carried this physical characteristic.

One of the more unique features is their ability to look older than their age when they are young, and than start looking younger than their age as they get older. Capricorns seem to look more relaxed and youthful with age, it is a characteristic capricorns are proud of.







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