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capricorn love match Understanding Capricorn Relationships


Unlike most, the nature of Capricorn Relationships shows a history of starting off slowly than gaining momentum and longevity. Being a careful thinker, Capricorns ease into their relationships. They wouldn't dare rush into things too quickly. With that said, be prepared to take your time getting to know them as you will most likely have no other choice. For the most part, it's their way or the highway.

Loyal and caring, Capricorns prefer relationships that are of a long term nature. Traditional in spirit, they rarely cheat on their partners. They make excellent parents (although sometimes strict) with their ability to hold down the fort and evade chaos.

Often controlling in relationships, capricorns like to set the pace and lead the way. They like to feel secure in and thus controlling things is way in which they achieve this. Jealousy and possessiveness may also be present however, this is not always the case. Not liking to feel threatened in their partnership, they require a partner with a more reserved yet open minded nature.

In case you were unaware, Capricorn relationship compatibility is based on trust, respect and reliability. This compatibility can be reached through a team effort type personality who would be willing to let the Capricorn lead the way when they are the more qualified to do so and vice-versa. As well, to achieve longevity, the individual should be creative, witty and able to think outside the box.

Being care free and letting your life "blow with the wind" so to speak, does not work for Capricorn partnerships. As far as they are concerned, failing to prepare is the same as preparing to fail... this means they mesh with someone who can appreciate a good plan. Being organized and practical is a requirment for a true love connection. Mapping out the directions ahead of time and being ready for the unexpected is sure to guarantee minimal bumps in the road. Meet these requirements and your Capricorn relationships shall flourish.


best mate capricorn Best Mate for a Capricorn Love Match

It is a joke within the Astrological community that the best mate for a Capricorn love match is " someone that will put up with them". The Capricorn personality is not suited for everyone however, this can be said for all zodiac symbols.

Wondering if you would be considered as being the best mate for a Capricorn? Ask yourself... Can you handle someone with opinionated and unconventional views? Someone who is willing to take a stand for what they believe in? Would you be willing to tolerate an individual who can sometimes be closed off or distant?

If you answered yes to the above questions than you may be considered as being the best mate for a Capricorn.



The best love matches for a Capricorn are:


Virgo ~ Scorpio ~ Capricorn ~ Pisces ~ Taurus



The worst love matches for a Capricorn are:


Sagittarius ~ Gemini ~ Cancer ~ Libra ~ Leo ~ Aquarius ~ Aries











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