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attract capricorn men Dating Capricorn Males


Many ladies want to know how to attract a Capricorn male. In order to do so, you should know that the he likes practicality and down to earth individuals. There is no need to try and dazzle in order to win him over. They can figure things out for themselves and have a keen eye for detecting fact from fiction. Hard headed in his ways, you should display confidence (not arrogance) when making your first move.

Giving him something he can use, learn from or play with is a good way to show him that you are practical as well. You can attract his attention with a mystery or a puzzle that needs to be solved, as this is sure to intrigue his mind. Capricorn males are attracted to a "one on one connection" or something that "only the two of you share". Always one to reminisce about the good old days and how things were "better in the past"... you would be smart to discuss the nostalgia of the days gone by.

Although he may not show it, he inwardly craves attention and praise for his efforts. They like their actions to be validated and appreciated. Don't make those compliments over the top though... a simple, sincere and strait forward compliment is best to attract Capricorn males. As well, don't be shocked if there is little reaction to your fabulous compliment. Instead, you should take note of his blushing cheeks and red ears because if you can make him blush... you will be in his good books.


attract capricorn man What Attracts Capricorn Men

If you think you know what attracts Capricorn men, than you are in for a surprise. These fellows aren't attracted to the same things as other males are. Looking for inside beauty first, rather than outer beauty, is what attracts Capricorn men. You can be the most beautiful lady in the room but, unless you can back it up with intellectual conversation and good values you can be sure he will move on.

A mate that can provide "space" and "alone time" is what attracts him, as independence is valued. Capricorns are workaholics and need time for themselves away from the hustle and bustle of the unorganized world. He needs to know he can "get away from it all" when he has to. Smothering him will just make him run.

An individual with a sense of "formality" and "class" makes for good Capricorn compatibility. He wants to be with someone who is presentable and that he can "bring home to mom". He is attracted to status and a good work ethic as well. They need a mate that can "keep up" with them and challenge them in all aspects of life. An individual that can "hold their own" so to speak. Keep this in mind when trying to get close to him.









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